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Skincare Bamboo Shampoo Scalp Brush

Bamboo scalp massager

Skincare Bamboo Shampoo Scalp Brush
1pc.    4.60€ / 1St.
Brand: SkinCare
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An easy to use at-home scalp massage device that not only improves scalp health but also promotes hair growth!

Regular scalp massage increases blood circulation in the hair follicle area, which, in turn, accelerates hair growth and improves its condition. At the same time, the scalp massage device helps to evenly distribute natural oils along the length of the hair, which helps reduce excess fat.

Soft silicone bristles are gentle on hair and scalp, providing effective cleansing without the risk of scratches and damage.

Effects of using the SKINCARE bamboo scalp massager:

  • healthy and cleansed scalp
  • better nutrition of hair follicles
  • balance of sebum production by scalp pores
  • improved hair growth rate
  • instant relaxation and stress relief
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