Your K-beauty online shop in Germany

Terms & Conditions

1. General terms

1.1 Conditions of sale apply in accordance to the rights and obligations during the purchase of product between customers of the online store (hereinafter the Client) and Zoria GmbH. (further as

1.2 All users of and / or guests wishing to purchase our products are subjected to the terms of this agreement and following legal acts of rights and obligations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1.3 reserves the right to change the conditions of sale and prices. All changes are displayed on the website.

2. Entry into the force of the sales contract

2.1 sells, and the Client buys the product offered at the online shop.

2.2 The contract signed between and the Client shall enter into force upon payment by the Client of the specified amount to the settlement account of after order confirmation.

2.3 When placing an order in the online store and when making a payment, the Client confirms that he / she has read and agreed to the terms of sale.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices in the online store are indicated in Euros and include all taxes including 19% of value added tax (from 01.01.2021).

3.2 reserves the right to change prices. If the Client has managed to pay for his/her order before the seller changed the price, the new price for this Client does not apply in this case; therefore, the Client buys the product at the price that was specified on the website at the time of ordering.

4. Ordering and payment

4.1 When paying for the product, the Client has the right to choose the appropriate payment method:

    • Payment via PayPal account
    • Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)

4.2 To confirm the order, the Client shall pay 100% of the cost of the product.

4.3 The contract is considered as signed, and we proceed to the execution of the order immediately after the Client pays 100% of the cost of the product.

5. Delivery terms

5.1 completes the order and passes it to its partners in the field of logistics after the entry into force of the sales agreement (after the Client pays the bill).

5.2 The approximate delivery times indicated on the website are valid from the moment the parcel is transferred to the logistics partners of Zoria GmbH (

Zoria GmbH ( cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping due to weather or/and acts beyond our control. 

5.3 The accuracy and correctness of the data presented in the order depends on the prevention of delays and misunderstandings in the product delivery. is not responsible for the delay and misunderstandings, which have occurred during the good delivery in the event that the delay and misunderstanding arose due to the fact that the Client provided inaccurate data when ordering.

5.3.1 If a package comes back to our warehouse as “undeliverable” or as “insufficient” or “wrong address,” the purchaser will be charged for shipping the package to its proper destination (even if the order originally warranted free or reduced shipping).

5.3.2 If the purchaser prefers, Zoria GmbH ( can issue a refund for that purchase, minus the initial cost of our shipping the goods to you.

5.4 All orders are delivered personally and with confirmation of receipt (signature), if these conditions are provided by the delivery service and have no exceptions in terms of delivery in the period of COVID-19. In the event that you specify additional instructions to the delivery service, assuming the delivery of the order to third parties, such as; “Leave to neighbors” or “Leave on the terrace”, store is exempt from liability in case of loss of the parcel.

5.5 In cases of damage during transportation, we offer to pay the Customer the cost of the damaged goods or provide a fixed discount equal to the cost of the goods at the time of sale.

6. Right of the product return

6.1 The Client has the right to return the product of inadequate quality within 14 days after receiving them.

However, we draw your attention that in the interest of hygiene and for the protection of purchasers and, in accordance with the laws on the protection of consumer rights (, opened and/or used perfumery and cosmetic products of adequate quality can not be exchanged and/or returned.

The returned product must be unused, undamaged and in its original packaging.

6.2 The Client shall bear the costs associated with the return. An exception is the case when the reason for the product return is the non-compliance with the order, defective product or product of inadequate quality (i.e. they cannot be used as intended (expired shelf life, damages during shipping, factory defects) at the time of receipt).

6.3 The Client shall send a notice of his / her wish to return the product no later than 14 days after its receipt to the e-mail address: or

6.4 In the application for the product return, you must specify the name of the Client, the name of the product and the reason for the return.

The funds will be returned to the same payment method that was used during checkout, after checking the returned product no later than within 10 calendar days after receiving the product.

7. Complaint procedure

7.1 On the basis of the law of Obligations, the Client has the right to make claims to defective product within 1 year from the date of product receival. In case of finding a defect within the first six months of the specified period, it is assumed that the product has already been sold with a defect. The nature of the defect is determined by the seller.

7.2 In the event of a defect, the Client is obliged to notify by sending an email to: or, and provide the following information: name, contact information, and suspected defect. The relevant application must be sent within 2 months after the discovery of the defect.

7.3 is not responsible for:

    • Damage to the product caused by the Client’s fault or negligence.
    • Defects arising from the use of the product not for the intended purpose.
    • For the natural physical wear and tear of the product during its normal use.

8. Responsibility and force majeure

8.1 is liable to the Client, and the Client is liable to in case of any damages for a violation of terms and conditions by the second party in accordance with current legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany by cases and scale.

8.2 shall not be liable to the Client for the delay in delivery of the goods if the delay is caused by circumstances which could not influence or foresee.

9. Confidentiality

9.1 Privacy policy is described in detail in the relevant section of the website and is an integral part of these Terms.

10. Other conditions

In the event of disagreement or dispute in the course of these terms,  Zoria GmbH ( and the Client, first of all, try to come to a consensus through negotiations. The Client also has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Department or to the Court if the negotiations between the and the Client did not bring any results. In turn, Zoria GmbH ( also has the right to address the protection of their rights in court.